QI Genesis

A behind-the-scenes documentary that takes a look at how QI was originally conceived.

Air Date: Saturday 10 September 2011

Availability: Occasional repeats on the BBC

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The Making Of QI

This documentary exposes the whole world of interestingness that exists behind QI. It reveals how it started as one curious man sitting at a desk, and developed into the show it is today. Long-kept production secrets, a smattering of hilarious clips, and some previously unseen gems are all thrown in for good measure.

Contributors include John Lloyd, Alan Yentob, Michael Palin, a glittering array of QI panellists, the not-so-glittering QI researchers, fans of the show, and of course Stephen Fry and Alan Davies.

Also features some over-excited audience members in the QI queue, Elves attempting to play basketball, and Director of Research John Mitchinson standing next to a horse in a field.

Our profuse apologies to the London Library, which was unforgivably misattributed in QI Genesis as the British Library.


It's always a wonderful thing watching Stephen being terribly polite and affable while you're saying something incredibly foolish, and knowing that he's about to hit you on the head with what can only be described as a beautiful fact.

Setting The Stage For QI