The Stephen Fry Years: Jam-packed with tasty extras, unseen clips, and much more! 

Brand New: QI DVD Boxsets

Grab a sneak-peek!

Grab a sneak-peek!

CINDERELLA'S slippers, in the original story, were made of squirrel fur.
- QI Series C

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It's brilliant, funny, entertaining, and, of course, Quite Interesting! ★★★★★

I can't recommend this DVD highly enough to's funny, warm and surprising. Try it, I guarantee you'll be hooked.

QI is the best comedy show of any description to grace our television sets for years and is a very welcome DVD release. It is intelligent, interesting and completely hilarious.  ★★★★★

It's the TV show Oscar Wilde would have been on...First class. ★★★★★

Have QI for pudding. Your cultural digestive system will feel both energised and soothed.


Praise for QI Series B