Micellaneous bits and pieces of film, straight from the cutting room floor.

Bonus Bits

Stephen's Spare Sounds

Super! A scintillating, speedy selection of supererogatory snippets, showcasing Stephen stopping, sighing, stammering, slurring and swallowing, sadly surplus to the show.

QI's First Ever Question

QI started life as a not-for-broadcast pilot, with manually operated buzzers, forfeits written down on paper, and a set resembling Purgatory.

The full episode is included as a bonus feature on the Series A DVD, which is available to purchase here.

With Bill Bailey, Eddie Izzard, Kit Hesketh-Harvey and and Alan Davies.

Stephen Fry Meets The Host of QI Sweden

Sweden's version of QI, Intresseklubben (The Interesting Club) launched in 2012 on SVT, and host Johan Wester came to the UK to meet his UK counterpart.

A QI Marriage Proposal

In the spirit of Series L, Michael declares his Long-Lasting Love for Colette during a QI recording, with some help from Stephen Fry.

And yes, we were ready to klaxon a wrong answer.