The theme tune, title sequence, buzzers, bonuses, background pictures... and, of course, the dreaded QI Klaxon.

Sights & Sounds

The QI Titles

We're the only people in the world to have condensed Shakespeare, da Vinci, some bananas, a cow, The Statue of Liberty, a pigeon and a space shuttle into 30 seconds of film. Probably. And yes, those babies are two of QI creator John Lloyd's children.


The infinitely varied luminous mushroomoid buzzers are one of the things that make QI unique among panel shows. An intrinsic part of the game's complex scoring system, managed by Lumina, each buzzer is hand-picked before the show by QI creator John Lloyd.

You can watch some of the most notable buzzers on our YouTube channel, and vote for your favourite one below. Most of the buzzers come from sound libraries, but if you need help identifying a song, check the Wikipedia entry for the episode. If you're still stuck, ask us via

The QI Klaxon

Technically speaking, it's not a klaxon (that's the branded 'awooga' sound), but the cacaophony of alarm bells, sirens and horns is feared by QI panellists up and down the land, to the extent that some have even had nightmares about it...only to have them come true on the show.

Anyone who says anything boring or obviously wrong risks immediately losing ten points, and deafening humiliation. Every forfeit is pre-empted and preset for each show by the researchers, despite what David Mitchell might think, so the penalties are (relatively speaking) fair and square.


Every question on QI comes with visual accompaniment - pictures and videos dug up by our tireless picture researchers, who are also responsible for photoshopping Stephen and Alan into compromising photos.

If you've seen something on the screens you'd like to know more about, the best place to start is the Corbis picture library. Most of QI's images come from here, and their website has a useful preview function.

Failing that, email us via and we'll do our best to find a source.